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Does mindfulness work as well as medicine for anxiety?

Yes, new research published in late 2022 confirms that mindfulness is as effective as medication in the treatment of anxiety.

Is stress in the workplace improving as the pandemic begins to wane?

No, unfortunately. The Gallup State of the Workplace 2022 Report reflects workplace stress is at its highest level ever recorded.

Who benefits from mindfulness?

Anyone and everyone who is open to learning and to growth.  Our brains and bodies are all designed and made in the same ways, so the application of mindfulness to each person works in the same ways (though with different results based on the makeup of the individual).

Will mindfulness solve my problems? Will mindfulness work for me?

Mindfulness does not solve your problems but instead allows you to see your problems and their solutions more clearly. Mindfulness is not magic but instead is like exercise for your brain -- just like exercise for our body generates benefits only if we do it consistently, mindfulness benefits us if we practice it consistently.

Does mindfulness mean that bad things won’t happen to me anymore?

Mindfulness doesn’t change what happens to you but allows you to change your relationship to what happens to you.